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G series LVDT displacement sensors

GF series split LVDT displacement sensor

Product Introduction:

GF series split LVDT displacement sensor (crack meter), specially used for bridge, tunnel, building, concrete pavement and other civil engineering projects crack depth, width, opening degree online monitoring.

GF series split LVDT displacement sensor performance parameter

Power supply12-24V DC
Working currentvoltage output supply curreny ≤12mA
Two-wire currentoutput type,power supply current 4-20mA
Displacement rangeGF25:0-5mm; GF50:0-10mm; GF125:0-25mm;GF250:0-50mm;GF500:0-100mm;GF1250:0-250mm;GF2500:0-500m
Output signal0-5V,0-10V;4-20mA;RS485 digital signal
Linearity erroranalog signal output:0.25%FS
Digital signal output0.1%FS
Repetitive error≤1um
Dynamic characteristics200Hz
Measuring force80g
Working temperature-25℃-85℃
Impact resistance250g/11ms
Vibration allowed10g/2KHz
Temperature coefficientzero point≤0.01%/ ℃; Sensitivity ≤0.25%/ ℃

GF series split LVDT displacement sensor application area

Mainly applicable to: Bridge, tunnel, building, concrete pavement and other civil engineering crack monitoring landslide and other geological hazards monitoring mechanical equipment displacement measurement and position positioning (extended application).

German BEBIK Company has been playing a leading role in the field of global measurement technology for more than 50 years. Its products range from laser displacement sensor, magnetostrictive displacement sensor, cable displacement sensor, electronic ruler of injection moulding machine, infrared temperature measurement and color detection sensor, size measurement and defect detection system, etc. German BB company always pursues to provide customers with the best solution of high reliability, high performance and customization.

Shenzhen MILONT Technology Co., Ltd. is the only branch of German BB Company in China. Through joint R&D, authorized operation and independent innovation with German BB Company, it has achieved international advanced and domestic leading position in displacement sensing field. At present, its business scope covers 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Its products are exported to Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries. For more than 1000 scientific research institutes, OEM customers and colleges and universities around the world to provide high-quality products and services.


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